What Our Students Are Saying

“You had your $#!t together man. It was organized and the range felt really safe. I learned a lot. Thanks.”

Justin G.


“Very laid back, enjoyable and overall just a great experience. Jeremy is a great guy willing to answer any question.”

John S


“I would suggest this course and most importantly the Instructor to anyone, not only for their permit, but to learn about gun safety.”


Noor R.

How Informative…

How informative did you find the classroom portion of our NM Concealed Carry Course to be?

  • Very Informative 95.2% 95.2%
  • Somewhat Informative 4.8% 4.8%

“It was a great class and I learned a lot.”

Victoria G.


“Very well done will recommend to friends and family!”

Charlie F


“Couldn’t be more satisfied, good instructors.”


“I was extremely nervous at first, but after the first couple of hours I was very relaxed and excited to complete the course. The work and teaching done with handling and firing the firearm was excellent and I felt it was a key part of the course.” David E.

David E.


“Jeremy had answers for every question I had. Quite knowledgeable. I was raised shooting and Jeremy still was able to teach me plenty of things I didn’t know. I would recommend to anyone interested in pistol shooting. Managed to make it fun and informative at the same time.”

Zach M.


“Whether a person decides to follow through with the CCL application or not, I believe this course would be of value for a person to obtain a high level overview of the responsibilities of owning and using a hand gun.”

Thomas G.



Percentage of Students who felt safe throughout the course.


Percentage of Students who are likely to recommend this course to a loved one.


Percentage of Students who would choose this concealed carry course again.