Online 2 Year NM CCL Refresher

Complete your entire 2 Year New Mexico Concealed Carry License Refresher course ONLINE! Stop searching through other concealed carry instructor websites for a 2-year refresher course that lines up with your schedule and complete the ONLY approved ONLINE 2 Year NM CCL Refresher course.

You can be done with your 2-year refresher requirement tonight.

Per the New Mexico Administrative Code ( New Mexico Concealed Carry Licensees may complete their 2-Year refresher requirement by completing approved online training.

“Two years after the issuance of an initial license, a licensee shall complete a refresher course which consists of either range qualification of his or her approved caliber of handgun or an online training course of instruction approved by the department.”

Which our online course (it is the only approved online training at this point!).

Complete the short registration form below and we’ll email you your login credentials. From there, complete the 2-hour, 2-year refresher course at your convenience. Sure, you can get it done immediately, but you can also wait a day or two. It’s completely up to you!

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