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While it is unlikely that you will become the victim of a home invasion, have you considered how attractive your home is to burglars?

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FREE Home Security Evaluation and Personal Protection In Your Home Course

Does your family know what to do when there’s an unexpected knock at the door? Do you know what to do if there is an unexpected knock at the door? Have you considered how “attractive” your home looks to would-be burglars? We would like the opportunity to help you develop your home security plan. Give us a call today at (505) 944-5247. As you walk us through your house we will discuss any potential security risks that we see and give simple solutions to those problems that are present. We will also spend ample time discussing how to develop a home security plan and setting up a safe room that won’t cost you any money.

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Number of Burglaries Every Day (in NM)*

Number of Burglaries Committed Every Hour (in NM)*

Number of Burglaries Committed Every Minute (in NM)*

Average Dollar Loss Per Burglary Offense*

*based on the FBI Uniform Crime Reports for 2013 (most recent year data available)
What does the on-site security evaluation consist of?

We will come to your home and do a thorough walk through with you and your family. During the walk through we will point out any security risks or weakened points of entry that may be present, while making suggestions on how to improve those areas. We will also discuss how to choose and set-up a safe room within your home (and discuss what a safe room is and isn’t). Lastly, we will discuss your personal protection in the home, developing a plan of action for you and your family should the unlikely event of a home invasion occur, and more. Call us today (505) 944-5247

How long does a home security evaluation take?

Typically, a thorough home security walk through, evaluation, and consultation takes an hour and half to two hours, maybe less, may a little more depending on how chatty we are.

What does it cost?

Other than your time? Nothing!


Because we don’t get to choose if and when we become the victim of a violent attack, home invasion, or burglary. We are truly at the mercy of the criminal, unless we take steps to get the ball back in our court.

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