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It’s your life. It’s your safety and protection. It’s YOUR responsibility.

Online New Mexico Concealed Carry Course

New Mexico Concealed Carry Training at your own pace and place. Stop worrying about scheduling a weekend away from your family and begin your concealed carry training today.

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Convenient Scheduling

Because our online New Mexico Concealed Carry Course is completed at your pace and place, on your schedule.

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Or wherever you prefer for that matter. Our online course can be completed from your computer, tablet, or smartphone!


NM DPS Approved

Our Online New Mexico Concealed Carry Course has been approved by the New Mexico Department of Public Safety.

Straightforward Firearms Training

Practical Defense Training, LLC offers straightforward firearms training, with a focus and emphasis on New Mexico concealed carry training. One of the few courses which preaches and teaches practical over “tacti-cool”; bringing reliable and effective firearms training to the responsibly armed citizen. Students will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to legally and responsibly carry a concealed handgun in the State of New Mexico and those States with whom New Mexico shares reciprocity with. Your safety and protection begins with you. It’s your life. It’s your safety and protection. It’s your responsibility.

Online NM CCW Course

The same great information and training from our traditional New Mexico Concealed Carry Course, presented in an online format.

Defensive Shooting Clinic (CCW Skills Clinic):

Similar to basketball or martial arts clinics, but aimed at (pun intended) your defensive shooting fundamentals, our monthly clinics are centered around building the shooter’s skill set. Skills trained each month progress and become more challenging based on the individual shooter’s level.

Concealed Carry Practical Application Course:

Picking up where your concealed carry course left off, our concealed carry practical application course introduces students to the skills that are essential in the everyday carrying of a deadly weapon, and its use in a life-threatening, self-defense encounter.

New Mexico Concealed Carry Course

Practical firearms and personal safety training with an emphasis on awareness/avoidance, defensive shooting fundamentals, and the justifiable use of deadly force.

Matriarch/Patriarch Threat Response Training:

Scenario based force-on-force based training centered around the matriarch and/or patriarch of the family. When your loved one’s lives are on the line, your training becomes invaluable.

CCW Practical Application Force-on-Force Course:

Taking those skills and drills learned in our Practical Application Concealed Carry Course, students will participate in scenario based, force-on-force training. Students will work on skills related to fighting to their concealed handgun, weapon retention, situational awareness, controlling the encounter, and more. Prerequisites: Students must have a valid NM CCL carry license, and have completed our Concealed Carry Practical Application Course.

“This class was the absolute best, you are the man and all others are second to you!”

-Some Guy

“This class was the absolute best, you are the man and all others are second to you!”

-Some Guy

“This class was the absolute best, you are the man and all others are second to you!”

-Some Guy

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