Free Concealed Carry Course

So you were not pleased with the concealed carry training that you paid good money for and received? Don’t worry, it happens. We’ll get you taken care of!


Retraining Those Responsibly Armed Citizens Who Desire Professional Training

You found a course that sounded good, the price was right, and you even talked to a student (or were referred to the course by someone you knew) who had taken the course previously. For whatever reason, you left disappointed, frustrated, and maybe a little embarrassed. The training that you received was inadequate. Hey, it happens, you aren’t the first person to feel this way, and you won’t be the last. But now, you have this concealed carry license and feel as if you need the foundational training that you were supposed to receive during the concealed carry course (damnit, do I have to pay another instructor?!) No, not if you get in touch with us – we happily provide our concealed carry course and training to any current NM Concealed Carry Licensee (who received their license in the last 12 months) who wants it. Who needs it. Get in touch today, call us at (505) 944-5247.


 ➡ Not all training is good training.

 ➡ Get the Training that you need.

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What's the catch?

The only catch is that you must have received your New Mexico Concealed Carry License within the last 12 months. That’s it. If you weren’t completely satisfied with those other guys shoot us an email or give us a call and we will get you set-up in one of our upcoming courses. We know how important the safety of you and your loved ones is to you, and we know how much responsibility comes along with carrying a concealed handgun on your person everyday. We want you to receive the training that you need and that you deserve.

Call us (505) 944-5247

Why Do You Offer Free CHL Re-Training?

We offer free New Mexico Concealed Carry License Re-Training for FREE for several reasons. Most importantly, the safety of not only you and your loved ones depend on it, but the safety and protection of our community may very well depend on it. We want every New Mexican to be legally and responsibly armed, in the meantime we want to ensure that those who are already legally armed have the knowledge and skills necessary to responsibly carry a concealed handgun, and if they do not have those skills and that knowledge, for there to be a place for them to obtain it.

Why should I re-train with you?

Because we care. We want you to have the skills and knowledge necessary to legally and responsibly carry a concealed handgun, but we also want you to have the correct mindset that goes along with carrying a firearm on a daily basis. The training you receive us will be worth every penny and you will not be left wondering if you made the correct decision to train with us.

Who should be retrained?

If you took a course that you would stake the life of your loved ones on, then you should take our free concealed carry re-training offer. If you would not recommend that your brother, mother, father, sister, son, daughter, neighbor, etc… take the concealed carry course that you took, you need to take us up on our FREE NM CCL re-training offer.


What Our Students Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our students do the talking!

“I was extremely nervous at first, but after the first couple of hours I was very relaxed and excited to complete the course. The work and teaching done with handling and firing the firearm was excellent and I felt it was a key part of the course.”

David E.

“Great course, very solid training and excellent job ensuring safety at all times.”

Ken C.

“I’ve already been talking to other family members and close friends about taking it for themselves. I’ve shot guns before, but now I feel more secure and confident.”