1 or 2 Day Defensive Handgun Course

Our 1 and 2 Day Defensive Handgun Courses focus on the shooting fundamentals that you will likely need in a defensive shooting. Day 1 begins with a basic shooting skills assessment to provide a baseline for each student. From there, students will begin working on defensive shooting fundamentals. Students must be able to safely handle their handguns and should be proficient with their handguns.

Course Fee: $155 (1-Day Course) | $250 (2-Day Course)

Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Range Time: 8 Hours | 16 Hours

Required Round Count: 150 Rounds | 250 Rounds

1-Day Course Description: 

  • Presenting the handgun from concealment
  • Accurate first shot placement
  • Accurate and rapid follow-up shot placement
  • Shooting from retention
  • Threat recognition
  • Reloads

2-Day Course Description:

  • Day 1 follows the same outline and material as our 1-Day Defensive Handgun Course
  • Use of cover
  • Movement
  • Multiple threat recognition and engagement
  • Shooting with a flash sight picture vs aimed fire
  • Shooting from unconventional shooting stances and positions
  • Malfunction clearing

After completing the short registration form below you will be redirected to the class questionnaire. Please complete the class questionnaire at your earliest convenience.

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