Matriarch/Patriarch Threat Response Training

You’ve considered how you would handle yourself in a self-defense situation. You understand that altough the likelihood of being involved in a violent confrontation is small, but you also uderstand that should you ever be involved in a violent confrontation your training becomes the most important tool for survival. Have you considered and trained how you would react if your loved ones were with you? How would you control the confrontation and control them to keep them out of harm’s way? Have you trained in a way that replicates your day-to-day lifestyle? What about those groceries you’re carrying – could you present your handgun from concealment? How do you hold your child and draw your handgun in a safe and efficient manner? How do you shield your husband, wife, child, loved one from danger while engaging the threat?

You’re the matriarch. You’re the patriarch. If and when violence strikes, you’re training becomes invaluable. Our matriarch/patriarch helps you understand and know that answers to those questions and so many more when it comes to defending your life and the life of your loved one. This 5 hour force-on-force course introduces students to a high level of stress and then demands that students perform under that stress to save their life and the life of their loved ones (role players and other students in the course). Through the use of professional airsoft gear we can induce a level of stress that you won’t be able to replicate on a square range and in doing so, create an environment that is both challenging and rewarding.

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