Defensive Fundamentals Handgun Clinic(s)

Our Defensive Fundamentals Handgun Clinics are designed to build upon the knowledge and skills that you received in your concealed carry coure, or previous basic firearms training. We pick up where your previous training left off. Each clinic begins with a skills assessment that will allow us to determine those defensive shooting fundamentals that have the most opportunity for improvement. From there we work with each student to improve upon those baseline fundamentals. Our clinics are designed to help the student progress from a beginning shooter to a shooter that is able to quickly and accurately engage multiple targets whlie moving and/or using cover. Throughout the clinics we may alternate between classroom instruction and live-fire drills. Each clinic is 3 hours of progressive defensive fundamentals skills drills and training and limited to 5 students.

Prerequisite: Current valid New Mexico Concealed Carry License or previous training with Practical Defense Training.

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