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Here you'll find articles and our thoughts on an array of topics, with a focus on NM Concealed Carry and Personal Defense.

Lessons from an armed robbery

Pretend (for a moment) that you’re the guy in the blue jeans, button-down shirt, and cowboy hat. Caught completely off guard with his back to the door, and panicked. His life, your life, went from calm and peaceful to turmoil, in a matter of seconds. Completely focused on the two threats (one of which is armed and brandishing a handgun) you struggle to take cover behind the nearest display you see, while the armed robber dives through the counter window and shoots at the two cashiers who frantically scramble out of the way of the incoming rounds.

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Law of Self Defense Seminar Review

Before I get into it, I wanted to say Thank You to Rick Davis of Deliberate Defense for hosting Andrew Branca, as well as Andrew Branca for making the trip to Albuquerque to share, not only his knowledge, but also his expertise, on the Law of Self Defense. If you...

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Carrying a Gun Doesn’t Make You Safe

Carrying a gun doesn’t make you safe, no more than wearing a seat belt prevents an auto accident. It’s your Plan B. Plan A is to NOT get into an auto accident (violent confrontation). It is when we gain this false sense of security or safety, and at times – ignorant sense of invincibility – that we allow ourselves to become complacent. Complacency is dangerous. The complacent driver doesn’t check their blind spots, doesn’t yield at an intersection, and doesn’t know what’s going on on the roadway around them.

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When Should You Carry Your Firearm?

If you have a concealed carry license, and a concealed carry handgun, how often, or when should you carry it? This is a question that we get asked often, and the answer is always the same! We do not get to choose if and when we will become someone’s intended victim. We can choose if and when we will have the tools available to win that confrontation, if it ever chooses us. Find out how we answer this age old question…

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Deferred Payment, WTF?!

Our deferred payment option allows students to enroll and take the course without having to pay the entire cost of the concealed carry course upfront. Once students have completed our concealed carry course and are satisfied with the level of training that they received, they will have up to 60 days to pay the remaining tuition. Take the course without the risk of wasting your hard earned money.

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Partnering With Our Community

So, this year we are going to partner with several local charities to help them raise some much needed funds. We will be working to narrow down the countless New Mexico charities to three. Through this process we are open to, and would like to hear, your suggestions...

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