The New Mexico Department of Public Safety sent out an email (seen below) notifying all instructors that they will no longer be offering the free online 2-year refresher, and that New Mexico Concealed Carry Instructors will have to offer that course (again) and students are required to shoot the qualification.

I am sure that some instructors are applauding this decision, a stance we do not support.

However, we relaunched our Online 2-Year Refresher Course so that you have a convenient option (although you will still have to shoot the qualification shoot in-person with us). We will reach out to DPS to see if students from our online refresher course can skip that qualification shoot, since it was previously approved and the statute provides for this. Unti we get approval for that, you can enroll in our online 2-year refresher course here:

After competing the online portion you can sign up to attend a range session of your choosing. The online refresher course should take you around 2 hours to complete.

Below is the email from DPS that was sent out earlier this month:

Hello Instructors!

Effective June 30, 2023 the Department of Public Safety will no longer be providing the online training for two year refreshers. We recognize that we have some of the best trainers in the country here in New Mexico, who are already approved, and very capable of providing the type of training our permit holders have come to expect with the NM concealed carry permit. We are also aware that this might be an adjustment for some permit holders who have taken our online training in the past, but we are confident that the quality of training you provide will more than make up for the loss of convenience they’ve had with our current system. We have already posted the following announcement on our website to inform the public.


Effective June 30, 2023, the two year refresher course will no longer be offered online by DPS. Contact a DPS approved instructor to complete the training course. Submit training certificates to DPS within 30 days of receipt, as per 29-19-6 H NMSA 1978″

I know it has been a while since some of you have run a 2 year refresher course, so here are some FAQ’s to help you get up to speed.


  • Two year refreshers must be completed between 22-26 months.

(This applies to 5 year permit holders as well as 4 year permit holders.)

  • Military, LE, and Veterans under 20 years discharged do not need to take a 2 year refresher course.

(If their 20 years passes before or during their 22-26 months refresher period then they
would be required to attend an approved refresher course.)

  • The course must be two hours in length and must include a qualification with the same caliber/s listed on permit.
  • It is at the instructors discretion to determine what information is covered during the two hour training course, but most instructors review NM law and shoot a qualification.
  • Certificates should be submitted with AAR’s to instructor email.

(Please include permit number next to their name on the certificate, if available)