So, we’ve been asked several times about our new payment option, “Deferred Payment”, and decided to create a short post detailing what it’s all about. Previously, if a student wanted to take a concealed carry course he or she would have to find a concealed carry course and instructor that fit in their schedule and budget and then roll the dice as to whether or not the course itself would be worthwhile to take (after having already paid). The incentive for the course to challenge and engage students is minimal as the course has already been bought and paid for by the studentĀ (this is where the term “concealed carry certificate mill” gained popularity and notoriety). That is the main reason we offer FREE Concealed Carry Re-Training for those students who may have taken a concealed carry course from another instructor and were not satisfied with the training that they received.

So, Here’s How Our Deferred Payment Option Works:

A student will choose one of our courses that best fits their schedule and choose to enroll in that course. The student will then select the “Deferred Payment” ticket, complete the student registration form, and pay the $60 initial payment. This secures the student’s spot in the chosen course. The student takes the course, when he or she is satisfied with the course and wishes to receive the certificate of completion they can choose to pay the remaining balance in full at the end of the class or choose to pay the remaining balance over several payments (within 60 days of completing the course).

The Breakdown?

  1. The student chooses the course they wish to take;
  2. This student chooses the “Deferred Payment” option, making a nominal initial payment of $50;
  3. The student takes the course and upon completing the course can either:
    1. Pay the remaining balance in full, or;
    2. Elect to pay the remaining balance at their convenience within 60 days.
  4. Once the remaining balance has been paid off the student will receive the certificate of completion that is needed to apply for and obtain a NM Concealed Carry License.

Please call us, or shoot us a text, if you have any questions, (505) 944-5247

The Fine Print

The remaining balance must be paid in full within 60 days or monies paid will be applied to a subsequent concealed carry course that you may take. The deferred payment option is not valid with promotions or coupons. That’s it, pretty simple and straightforward. Let us know if you have any questions.

So, what are you waiting for?! Enroll in our next course today!