So, this year we are going to partner with several local charities to help them raise some much needed funds. We will be working to narrow down the countless New Mexico charities to three. Through this process we are open to, and would like to hear, your suggestions on which NM charities are most deserving. If you have a charity in mind, please send an email to with a short narrative on why that charity deserves our partnership. Ideally, we would like to partner with a local charity that directly affects the social health and well-being of our communities, a local charity that assists the homeless community, victims of domestic abuse, at-risk youth, substance abuse counseling, etc… Beginning this month, we will donate $12 per paying student to a local charity of our choice. Once we have narrowed down the charities that we will be partnering with, the student will have the option of deciding which charity receives the donation from his or her enrollment.