While getting your New Mexico Concealed Carry License is not an all-to-difficult thing to do, there are several steps involved and a few of those steps can become confusing at times. Below is a step-by-step guide to obtaining you New Mexico Concealed Carry License!

Step 1: Find an Approved Concealed Carry Course

There are many concealed carry courses that happen each month, and there are many concealed carry instructors. There are fewer concealed carry courses and instructors that are worth your hard earned time and money. You’ll want to find a concealed carry course that fits within your budget, schedule, and most importantly, expectations. New Mexico requires that approved concealed carry instructors submit a course curriculum that meets the standards set forth by the New Mexico Department of Public Safety; this means that many concealed carry courses will cover generally the same information. This does not mean that all concealed carry courses are the same. Read our post on how to choose the concealed carry course and instructor that is right for you, to help you choose the concealed carry course and instructor that is right for you. At minimum, all New Mexico Concealed Carry Courses must be no less than 15 hours in length, check out our post on what happens if you attend a course that shortcuts this, or any other, requirement.

Step 2: Enroll and Take a New Mexico Concealed Carry Course

Now that you have found a New Mexico Concealed Carry Course that you feel meets your standards and expectations, as well as being approved by the New Mexico Department of Public Safety, enroll in that course. Two simple questions that you need to answer prior to enrolling in that course (provided that it meets the basic requirements and suggestions from our post on how to choose a concealed carry course and instructor that is right for you), or that you need to answer if you’re hesitant to sign-up: (1) Can you afford the course, and (2) Do you want to get your NM CCL? If you answered yes to both of these questions, stop procrastinating and putting it off, enroll in the course. You’re busy, but you won’t be any less busy, take the course so that you will be better able to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Step 3: Complete the Two Page Application

Fill out the two page application for a New Mexico Concealed Carry License. Some instructors have their students complete this step in class. We take the time in our Concealed Carry Courses to walk students through this step and have them complete, that way, if any questions come up, you have someone to help. The application itself is a fairly simple form that you need to fill out, however, that does not mean that you may not have any questions while filling it out.

Step 4: Get Fingerprinted and Have Your Information Release Form Notarized

New Mexico requires that applicants have their fingerprints done electronically through Cogent Id. You’ll need to register to have your fingerprints done electronically by visiting cogentid.com and then going into the nearest Cogent Id fingerprinting location (we recommend and use FingerPrint Solutions and More). This is a two step process that can, and should, be completed after you have finished your NM CCL Course. Your instructor should have covered this and walked you through it. If you have any questions, whether you are our previous student or not, feel free to give us a call or shoot us a text message at (505) 944-5247. While you are at Fingerprint Solutions and More, have them notarize your Information Release Form. It’s one less stop on your way to getting your NM Concealed Carry License.

Step 5: Gather Your Documents

This step can be done prior to getting fingerprints done, but for simplicity’s sake, we have put it as step 4. You’ll want to gather your documents, you’re about ready to submit your application to the New Mexico Department of Public Safety. Check out the application instructions for a singe-page, printable version to keep handy. You’ll need the following documents:

  • Complete, Two Page Application;
  • $56 Application Fee;
  • New Mexico Driver’s License or ID;
  • Original (or Certified Copy) Birth Certificate;
  • Certificate of Completion of a Concealed Cary Training Course;
  • Two (2) Authorization Release Forms (Health and Information);
  • Electronic Fingerprints

If you lost or need copies of any of these forms, you can find them by clicking here.

Step 6: Submit the Application to the NM Department of Public Safety

Take your completed application, all documents, and the $56 application fee to the New Mexico Department of Public Safety. You may mail your completed application and all required documents to the New Mexico Department of Public Safety if you would like (we recommend dropping it off in person, they will give your application a quick glance to ensure that it is completed correctly and that all required documents are there). The NM DPS mailing address is:

NM Department of Public Safety
Concealed Carry Unit
6301 Indian School Rd. NE, Suite 310
Albuquerque, NM 87110

Their physical address is the same as above, they’re located on the third floor in the “Darth Vader Building”.